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Tolcsva, Winery Bottling Plant 2015

The Grand Tokaj is a national winery owned by the Hungarian state. Tokaj Kereskedőház has more than 50 years of wine making experience, which made it a key player in the life of the Tokaj-Hegyalja area throughout this period.
Redefining and expanding the winery’s current processing system we placed the needed buildings and functions following a whole new concept. The concept adapts to the terrain’s facilities and comprehends the gravitational system of the modern wineries in order to create a configuration that functions most efficiently with the least energy invested. The new bottling plant has two stories with a smaller gallery. The upper floor operates with offset levels created by the different inner height needs of the lower floor. The upper floor connects to the hill while the lower one connects to the valley so that the building entirely integrates to its environment.
One of our primal aspects was breaking the impression and monumentality of the place’s industrial character. We placed social functions to the spaces between the halls (, and created the buildings’ solid integration with the land). By hiding the building sections orthogonal to the field line underground we emphasize the parallel masses. In the future the linear tank halls that have larger inner heights will be installed half underground.
We aimed to create a clear and elegant appearance by paying extra attention to avoid any kind of electrical or technological instalments placed on the facade or roofs. The facade recalls the colours, the structure and the layering of the surrounding landscape.
After the reconstructions the winery will be a worthy to be the largest winery of the over 300-year old historical Tokaj Wine Region, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2002, and has been the primary preserver and guardian of Hungarian wine making traditions.

Péter Kis, Ákos Dobrányi